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Case Studies

Case Study: Murray Christmas Sweater

Client: Netflix


Netflix had a movie coming out, giving us a tight deadline, plus they were asking for something that had not been done before. They wanted to take a knit sweater and add a full color process photo of Bill Murray—which is not an easy process. 


In order to complete this job, we ended up needing to have the sweaters knitted in one factory, then we had to take the front panels to a second factory to have the screens placed, and then they were taken back to the first factory to complete the sweater. 


It got down to the wire, but we made it happen in time for Jason Schwartzman to wear it on the Today Show and bring it to Al Roker. Miley Cyrus also wore it at the premier party, and it was in “In Touch” magazine. Sophia Coppola was also photographed wearing the sweater in “US“ magazine. It was a huge success and all over Instagram. 

Did you know? We’re recognized as a top Product Design Company on DesignRush 

Case Studies: Starlight Bears

Starlight Children’s Foundation partners with experts to improve the life and health of seriously ill kids and their families around the world. Starlight came to us more than 10 years ago, looking for an item to help raise money to benefit the foundation. 

Case Study: LIVE PD Mailer

A&E wanted to celebrate the success of their hit show Live PD with a swag bag perfect for customers to have for their next "ride-along." 

Case Study: POPtv Mailer

POPtv wanted to introduce their new show, Let’s Get Physical, with their #1 hit show, Schitt’s Creek, by doing a combo mailer. 

Case Study: Perrier Modern Art

Perrier decided to do a limited edition run of packaging inspired by “Street Art”. Perrier commissioned three of the world’s most influential street artists to create nine unique designs to adorn the iconic glass bottles, the plastic PET bottles and the new Perrier Slim Can. 

Case Study: Global Launch Kit

Netflix was looking for an upscale gift to give to their employees to launch their global presence. Being the Global Launch, they thought it would be appropriate to give products that tied in with travel. 

Case Study: Dreamworks Pillows

Dreamworks International department was hosting meetings in London, and was looking for a unique way to incorporate some of their most popular characters within the décor.

Case Study: The Fashion Fund Mailer

The client, Ovation TV, wanted to create a mailer to send to cable owners across the US to entice them to add Ovation TV to their lineup, using the season premiere of the show Fashion Fund as the hook. 

Case Study: Custom Flavoured Lip Balm

The client wanted a “takeaway” for anyone purchasing Pabst Blue Ribbon in Canadian C-stores during a promotional period. Since it was a giveaway, we wanted to create an idea that created interest to motivate buyers to purchase Pabst Blue Ribbon, but stay under a $1 each.