Client: Nestlé Waters


Perrier, the natural sparkling mineral water company, decided to do a limited edition run of packaging inspired by “Street Art”. Perrier commissioned three of the world’s most influential street artists: American artist JonOne, Japanese artist Sasu, and the Brazilian humanist Kobra. The three artist ultimately created nine unique designs to adorn the iconic glass bottles, the plastic PET bottles and the new Perrier Slim Can. 

With the release of the new packaging, Perrier wanted to create a gift for their top customers in order to promote awareness for the new can design. 


Working with a Nestlé Agency we were able to develop some retail influenced items for Perrier to give away. Following the home trend in retail of clean lines and color, we developed the concept of an acrylic tray with matching coasters and a set of four etched glasses that showcased the fun, hip, modern art.