Client: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon.jpg


The client wanted a “takeaway” for anyone purchasing Pabst Blue Ribbon in Canadian C-stores during a promotional period. Since it was a giveaway, we wanted to create an idea that created interest to motivate buyers to purchase Pabst Blue Ribbon, but stay under a $1 each. 


PromoShop presented the client with the idea of custom flavoured lip balm using quintessentially “French Canadian” flavours that would cater to the market where the giveaway would occur. Working with one of our suppliers, we developed lip balm in three flavors: Poutine (a French Canadian dish that consists of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy), Beer, and Pulled Pork. 


We designed both the lip balm tube packaging and the retail display box. Packs of 60 (20 of each flavor) were displayed in C stores in Quebec and Montreal Canada and was a gift with purchase when you bought a six-pack of PBR or more. Promotion was such a success that this will be the third summer in a row doing the same promotion.