Client: Bayou Rum

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 2.24.51 PM.png


Bayou Rum, a company based out of Louisiana was interested in creating a unique way to consume their rum during bar activations. The popular “shot ski” was the basis for making a “Shot Gator”, and PromoShop was tasked with creating a custom Gator. Bayou Rum wanted small runs of 3 different sizes; small (2ft), medium (4ft), and large (6ft). 


Initially the client experimented with an actual taxidermy gator, but after the prototype vanished, they decided to come to PromoShop for more cost-effective options. Due to their small quantity, custom 3D printing proved to be the best choice, and was the perfect option to be able to match their brand color. Each gator was to be constructed with holes for shot glasses to be placed so that people at bar activations can take group shots together. 


This project was a project a year in the making! The client has since received the first round of 20 of both the medium and large gators. The small gator (pictured above) will be delivered soon for future activations.