Client: Netflix


Netflix had a movie coming out, giving us a tight deadline, plus they were asking for something that had not been done before. They wanted to take a knit sweater and add a full color process photo of Bill Murray—which is not an easy process. 


In order to complete this job, we ended up needing to have the sweaters knitted in one factory, then we had to take the front panels to a second factory to have the screens placed, and then they were taken back to the first factory to complete the sweater. 


It got down to the wire, but we made it happen in time for Jason Schwartzman to wear it on the Today Show and bring it to Al Roker. Miley Cyrus also wore it at the premier party, and it was in “In Touch” magazine. Sophia Coppola was also photographed wearing the sweater in “US“ magazine. It was a huge success and all over Instagram. 

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