It's not about getting noticed —it's about being yourself and celebrating who you are. Teens and Millennials are boldly leading the way, celebrating their individuality through what they wear and by being unapologetically themselves.

By wearing clothes that truly express who they are, individuals have ignited a movement that’s changing retail styles. From knit blazers to letter jackets, the Individualist trend allows you to rebel and still play by the rules. By embracing the latest styles while making your look your own, individuals are making unique and distinctive fashion statements.

Because the trend is categorized by its uniqueness, there are a broad variety of fashions. One theme is retro: mini skirts and Chelsea boots are fresh fashion finds with a nostalgic twist while men’s clothing references '50s streetwear. Another style we see is the bling: pins, charms and patches adorning large totes, miniature bags, and jackets, while large DIY graphics are a focal point on tees.

The trend rounds out with basic dark palettes and washed finishes. Coordinated color palettes allow for a cohesive team style while giving individuals the chance to wear what suits them best.

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