In this day and age, consumers are overwhelmed with an intense amount of advertising.  Everywhere we look, we are constantly reminded to buy something. The bus stop, television, online, social media, even at the dentist office! Standing out from your competitors and all of the noise is harder than ever.  

Being different and branding products that get attention is more and more imperative. One of the categories that has helped companies break the mold is sublimated beach towels. The impact that a beach towel can have on a brand is more than we can measure. People keep their towels for an average of 15 years. The stunning colorful imprints and show stopping images will generate an enormous amount of lasting impressions over the years.

Investing in a beach towel promotion will help you break into the consumers’ minds, because it’s substantial, long lasting, and useful. Many Fortune 500 companies have included towels into their company store programs (tech companies, restaurant chains, hospitality, etc.). Sublimated beach towels can showcase amazing full color HD images, while achieving maximum brand exposure with their large imprint areas.

This year, Terry Town introduced a new material for sublimated towels called “Subli-Plush”. This material really changes the towel game, bringing the highest standard of artwork clarity, plushness, and softness to the industry. There is nothing else out there that’s even remotely comparable. 

Here are some recent comments from customers looking at the new “Subli-Plush” towels for the first time:

“It’s like looking through a window”, “It’s so soft I don’t want to let it go”, and “The clarity of the imprint is not something you would expect on a textile”.

Branded products like our Subli-plush beach towels will make you stand out, and WOW your customers at a single glance. They are going to help companies cut through the clutter, and brand their logo into their consumers’ minds.

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