From climbing mountains to walking in the park, consumers desire to reconnect with nature, and the Connected Outdoors trend celebrates items inspired by the great outdoors. With these product options, you can pack it all in — from business to leisure, and satisfy your sense of adventure and exploration, no matter where your travels take you.

Brands are continuing to make great strides to show their care for the environment and the measures they are taking to protect the earth. According to Waste 360, 70 percent of millennials said a company’s environmental focus impacts their purchasing decisions. For example, The North Face is committed to creating durable products that stay out of landfills as well as incorporating more recycled fabric into its clothing. The brand also has a Clothes the Loop program, which rewards customers for donating old clothing and shoes.

Additionally, brands are joining the “give back” movement by donating to or partnering with major charities in an effort to raise awareness on various causes. The company Brandless believes in making better products accessible and affordable for more people, and has partnered up with the Feed America organization to donate meals to people facing hunger. Their mission is deeply rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values – on their website, they have three defined sections; 350+ High Quality Products, Simple Fair Prices and Tangible Acts of Kindness. Brands will continue to catch on to the the vibe of doing good, especially with members of the upcoming Generation Z demographic expecting it. Consumers believe that our world needs a lot of help right now, so there are plenty of causes to support.

You can see the Connected Outdoors trend in promotional products through rugged, earth-tone travel-style backpacks, drinkware with a purpose, and activewear or sports gear that exceeds expectations. Vendors are offering backpacks that encompass nature's colors such as olive, tan and brown. These styles of backpacks allow wearers to travel with ease due to their quality, structure and portability. Additionally, consumers today are more inclined to help protect the planet, and many companies are offering products that will benefit the environment – for example, metal drinking straws to help eliminate plastic straw waste and backpacks made from recycled plastic water bottles. These outdoor-inspired products connect consumers with their passion for outdoor experiences, no matter where they travel.

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