Consumers today have shifted their priority from purchasing things to creating experiences and developing connections with their “squads.” Equally important to the #squadtime are the bragging rights earned by posting pics on social media of their squads in matching swag.

Bride Squad.jpg

More than half of Millennials now travel for destination pre-wedding parties, making the
fling-before-the-ring trip an important rite of passage. 

• Today’s wedding parties are willing to pay for elevated #squadgear.
• Travel-friendly swag is expected at destination events.


Cause Squad.jpg

Community outreach projects have become important social events for many squads, with animal adoption as a favorite.

• Squads proudly post pics in their personalized gear on their social networks.
• Graphics are key when making memories with your squad.


Camp Squad.jpg

The U.S. outdoor recreation economy is at an all-time high as people seek relief from digital fatigue.

• Kidult camps offer fun for nostalgic adults wanting to unplug.
• Cherished vintage styles and products are trending.


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