As we head into gift-giving season, there are distinctive trends that can guide your item selection to make a positive impression with recipients. Here are our top trends to make sure you do gift-giving right this season.

High Perceived Value

Items that feel elevated, with high perceived value are universally appealing as gifts. Giving exclusive designs in high-quality materials with innovative features increases impact. Additionally, gift items backed by a retain brand increases perceived value while ensuring product quality and safety. 

Fun and Unique

Taking time to find gifts that are thoughtful and unique can help you brand be memorable. Another way to be unforgettable is to give items related to having fun! Gift-giving season is a time of joy and celebration so gifts that reflect the cheer of the season can carry a brand’s impact into the New Year and beyond.

 Useful Tech

Technology items are always popular, but thinking about how recipients will use the gift can make them even more special. For travelers, a power bank, laptop bag or ear buds can prove useful while on the road. Functional and practical wireless tech is also popular and ensures a brand will be remembered every time the recipient powers up.

Content Provided by BIC Graphic.