People often ask: “What’s the next trend?” The simple answer is USA Made promotional products, because quality isn’t a mere fad. Products made in the USA will stand the test of time.  Check out some awesome USA Made promos below:


Traverse Leather Goods

Distinctive leather goods designed and hand-crafted in the USA.  Each piece contains refined style and details that set it apart from the pack. Rugged hand-sewn construction so it lasts and lasts. You’ll find everything from beautiful Journals to the legendary Dopp Kit Bag - Choose from 5 domestic, USA Made, leather colors and customize to match your company logo with 11 Irish waxed linen accent stitching colors to create something truly unique.

Personal Care

Summer is right around the corner and with that excitement, it’s easy to forget about that inevitable and dreaded first burn. We’re not talking about that insult from the bully in 7th grade that you finally have a comeback for. Think more along the lines of an ugly and red full body sun tattoo. Ouch! Remembering the pain yet?          

In this day in age, it has become paramount to have a keen awareness of what is going on our skin and into our bodies. Our sunscreen formula and ingredients are always kept up to date with FDA compliance standards. Rest assured, you can count on us to deliver a sunscreen product that is safe, PABA free, and USA Made in an FDA Registered facility that will protect from harmful UV rays.

Besides sunscreen, we have many other Personal Care items as well including: lip balm, aloe, lotion, sanitizer, and spa products. You can count on these Personal Care promo products that are always kept up to standard.


A lanyard isn’t “just a lanyard”. Many of our lanyards are manufactured and assembled right here, in the United States.  A lot of factors go into choosing the right lanyard for your event.  Some of those can be the right type of decoration that best expresses your brand, material type (durability), attachments, badges and variable data, or a custom design.

Watch a great video here to find your perfect solution.

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